Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The latest from Bill Little Music

Well hello everyone! An update about Bill Little Music. First, the new CD took a bit longer than expected due to a few glitches with some new recording gear; however it's almost finished. It goes to mastering any time now. The official title is "Three Days in July". I'm quite happy about how it came out, and several songs I wrote and recorded in a rush on purpose. In the past if I work on a song for too long, it seems to lose a bit of it's spontaneity. And in my mind the best ones are the ones that come from idea to finished song in a matter of hours. So I let loose on a few like that and my feelings are they definitely sound spontaneous! And that's a good thing! You'll be the judge. On another front, I'm playing out more these days. I'm playing at the Legion here in Anchorage three times in September, and twice in October. Also, three dates in September at the VFW and four in October. Couple that with my day job, and ya- I'm busy to be sure. Come out, enjoy the shows, and I'll post the CD release party date as soon as the CD is done and I get the band together. Thanx for your patience....